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Bundle: Black Telescoping Flagpole + Solar lamp + USA Flag

Bundle: Black Telescoping Flagpole + Solar lamp + USA Flag

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Bundle: Telescoping Flag Pole + Solar lamp + USA Flag

Telescoping flagpole without ropes or pulleys design and freely rotating brackets prevent your flag to be wrapped on a blustery day. Our flag pole is perfect to show your independence, democracy, and strong patriotic spirit to everyone with your national flag. And it's also good for attracting attention to publicize your excellent company and outstanding team with the particular flag of your company and team.

High Quality:

  • 5 sections 16 Gauge(1.29mm Thickness) Rustproof Aluminum Flag Pole 
  • The First & second section can hold up to 3' flag, totally fly 2 flags at the same time
  • Easy set up in minutes with rotating lock between each section
  • Gold ball finial to mount on the top of the flag pole
  • PVC sleeve for sticking the pole into the ground

Product Details:

Elongate Flag Pole Size:
240 6/7"L x 2 1/6"D
Retractile Flag Pole Size:
60-3/4'' L x 2-1/6" D
Gold Ball Size:
3" Diam.
Length of PVC Sleeve:
PVC Sleeve Outer diam.:
PVC Sleeve Inner diam.:
American National Flag Size:
3' x 5'

Also In The Box:

  • 1x Gold Ball Finial (free gift)
  • 4x Carabiners
  • 1x American National Flag (free gift)
  • 1x PVC Sleeve
  • 1x Instruction
  • 1x Flag Pole



By law you should only "display US flag from sunrise to sunset on stationary flags." However, with lighting you can have it up 24 hours.

    • This Solar Light Automatically turns on.
    • Batteries up to 8 hours.
    • On/Off Switch.
    • 20 super-bright LEDs 
    • Solar Powered - includes the rechargeable batteries inside

your solar lamp will be delivered separately

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